MacLaren, John Pritchard

MacLAREN, John Pritchard (1865-1951) was born in Wakefield, Que. on 21 January 1865, son of Alexander MacLaren and Ann Pritchard. He was educated as public school in Almonte, Ont. then moved to Toronto where he graduated from the University of Toronto in 1893. While there he apprenticed with Strickland & Symons (in 1891-93) and with Eden Smith (in 1893-94). He formed a partnership with David A. Hewitt in Brantford in 1895 (see list of works under Hewitt & MacLaren) but remained there only one year before moving to Buckingham, Que. in 1896 to become the local partner of the firm while Hewitt remained in Brantford. In 1898 he commenced practice under his own name in Ottawa and is best known for several robust Gothic designs for churches in eastern Ontario and for several branches of the Union Bank and the Bank of Ottawa, executed in a Beaux-Arts style. MacLaren retired in 1945 and died in Ottawa on 8 May 1951 (obituary in Daily Citizen [Ottawa], 10 May 1951, 17; biog. in R. Hamilton, Prominent Men of Canada, 1931-32, 592; inf. from Ontario Assoc. of Architects Appolication, 26 Aug. 1931)


ERSKINE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Concession Street at Gilmour Street, 1901; new Church and conversion of existing building into a Sunday School, 1905-06 (C.R., xii, 17 April 1901, 2; xvi, 5 April 1905, 10; Evening Journal [Ottawa], 2 Feb. 1905, 11, descrip.; 24 Feb. 1906, 16, illus.)
INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO., factory, 1903 (C.R., xiv, 4 Nov. 1903, 3)
STEWARTON PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Bank Street at Argyle Avenue, 1906-07 (C.R., xvii, 4 April 1906, 4, t.c.; Evening Journal [Ottawa], 21 April 1906, 1, illus. & descrip.; 23 April 1906, 1, illus.)
W.D. MORRIS LTD., Sparks Street, show room and garage, 1908-09 (Const., ii, Dec. 1908, 63)
SOMERSET STREET, residence for Samuel Gamble, 1909 (C.R., xxiii, 22 Dec. 1909, 23, t.c.)
CLEMOW AVENUE, residence for William E. Matthews, 1909 (C.R., xxiii, 22 Dec. 1909, 23)
BELL STREET METHODIST CHURCH, Bell Street at Arlington Avenue, 1910 (C.R., xxiv, 20 July 1901, 25)
DIVISION STREET, at Somerset Street, annex to store for Samuel G. McClenahan, 1911 (C.R., xxv, 1 March 1911, 28)
PINK, McVEITY & BLACKBURN CO., Sparks Street, rebuilding of industrial garage with addition of third floor, 1911-12 (C.R., xxv, 13 Dec. 1911, 120)
FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST, Metcalfe Street, 1913-14 (C.R., xxvii, 12 Nov. 1913, 69)
ROCKLIFFE WAY, residence for Cecil C. Pearson, 1921 (dwgs. at Ottawa City Archives, RG1, Ottawa Housing Commission Papers)
ROCKCLIFFE PARK, reconstruction of the Keefer farmhouse for the new Elmwood School, Buena Vista Road at Springfield Road, 1925 (Martha Edmond, Rockcliffe Park - A History of the Village, 2005, 225, illus.)
ST. GILES PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Bank Street at First Avenue, 1928-29 (J. Logan-Vencta, St. Giles of Ottawa 1925-1975, 36-7, illus.)
BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA, Bank Street at Gloucester Street, 1929 (dwgs. at Bank of Nova Scotia Archives, Toronto)
MAYFAIR THEATRE & STORES, Bank Street at Euclid Avenue, for T.C. James, 1932 (C.R., xlvi, 22 June 1932, 44)
RIDEAU BRANCH PUBLIC LIBRARY, Rideau Street near Friel Street, 1933 (C.R., xlvii, 17 May 1933, 489; Ottawa: A Guide to Heritage Structures, 2000, 153, illus.)


ARNPRIOR, ONT., skating & curling arena, 1899 (C.R., x, 5 July 1899, 2)
ROCKLAND, ONT., St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 1901-02 (C.R., xii, 21 Aug. 1901, 2)
CARP, ONT., hotel for an unidentified client, 1901 (C.R., xii, 15 May 1901, 3)
ALMONTE, ONT., skating & curling arena, 1902 (C.R., xiii, 1 Oct. 1902, 1)
RUSSELL, ONT., a manse for the Presbyterian Church, 1904 (Evening Journal [Ottawa], 6 July 1904, 2)
CARP, ONT., school for S.S. No. 3, Huntley, 1905 (C.R., xv, 1 Feb. 1905, 2)
CHRYSLER, ONT., office and residence for Dr. W.E. Crane, 1905 (C.R., xvi, 5 April 1905, 2, t.c.)
MARTINTOWN, ONT., St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 1906-08 (R. Grant, Story of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Martintown, 1975, 23, illus.)
OSGOODE STATION, ONT., Union Bank, 1906 (dwgs. at Royal Bank Archives, Montreal)
NEW LISKEARD, ONT., Union Bank, 1910 (C.R., xxiv, 28 Sept. 1901, 25)
BUCKINGHAM, QUE., James MacLaren Lumber Co., office, 1911 (C.R., xxv, 25 Jan. 1911, 28)
CARLETON PLACE, ONT., Union Bank, Bridge Street, 1911 (C.R., xxv, 26 July 1911, 66; dwgs. at Royal Bank Archives, Montreal)
WAKEFIELD, QUE., grain elevator and flour mill for Alexander MacLaren, 1911 (C.R., xxv, 17 May 1911, 62)
CARP, ONT., Methodist Church, 1912 (St. Paul's United Church Carp 1824-1974, 56-7, illus.)
SUDBURY, ONT., Bank of Ottawa, 1912 (dwgs. at Bank of Nova Scotia Archives, Toronto)
COBDEN, ONT., Bank of Ottawa, 1913 (dwgs. at Bank of Nova Scotia Archives, Toronto)
SIDNEY, B.C., Post Office, Beacon Street at 4th Street, 1936 (inf. Gregory Utas, Ottawa)