E. Parliament & Legislative Buildings In Canada

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Parliament and Legislative Buildings in Canada

Parliament Buildings, Ottawa
Center Block by Fuller & Jones, Ottawa, Ont.
Departmental Buildings by Stent & Laver,
Ottawa, Ont.
Cornerstone laid 1 Sept. 1860
Opened 6 June 1866
Center Block rebuilt by John L. Pearson, Toronto and Jean O. Marchand, Montreal Center Block burned 3 Feb. 1916
Cornerstone re-laid 1 Sept. 1916
Centre Block re-opened 26 Feb. 1920
Legislative Buildings, Edmonton
Allan M. Jeffers, Provincial Architect,
Alberta Dept. of Public Works
Cornerstone laid 1 Oct. 1909
Opened 3 Sept. 1912
British Columbia
Legislative Buildings, Victoria
Francis M. Rattenbury, Victoria, B.C.
Cornerstone - no formal ceremony
Construction began June 1893
Opened l0 Feb. 1898
Legislative Buildings, Winnipeg
Frank W. Simon, Liverpool, England
Cornerstone - no formal ceremony
Construction began July 1913
Opened 16 July 1920
New Brunswick
Legislative Assemby Building, Fredericton
James C. Dumaresq, Saint John, N.B.
Construction began May 1880
Cornerstone laid 29 Nov. 1880
Opened 16 Feb. 1882
Confederation Building, St. John's
Arthur J.C. Paine, with Lawson, Betts & Cash, Montreal
Cornerstone laid ????
Opened 6 July 1960
Nova Scotia
Province House, Halifax
John Merrick, Halifax, N.S.
Cornerstone laid 12 Aug. 1811
Opened 11 Feb. 1819
Parliament Buildings, Toronto
Richard C. Waite, Buffalo, N.Y.
Cornerstone - no formal ceremony
Construction began Nov. 1886
Opened 4 April 1893
Prince Edward Island
Pronvice House, Charlottetown
Issac Smith, Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Cornerstone laid May 1843
Opened 26 Jan. 1847
Parliament House, Quebec City
Eugene E. Tache, with Pierre Gauvreau and J.B. Derome of the Provincial Dept. of Public Works
Foundations began June 1877
Cornerstone laid 17 June 1884
Opened without ceremony in 1885
Legislative Buildings, Regina
Edward & W.S. Maxwell, Montreal, Que.
Cornerstone laid 4 Oct. 1909
Edward & W.S. Maxwell, Montreal, Que.
Opened 12 Oct. 1912