Key To Abbreviations

ANQ - Archives Nationales du Quebec, Quebec City
ANQM - Archives Nationales du Quebec, Montreal
BCPA - British Columbia Provincial Archives, Victoria, B.C.
b.p. - building permit
C.A.B. - Canadian Architect & Builder [Toronto], pub. 1888-1908
C.H.G. - Canadian Homes & Gardens [Toronto], pub. 1925-1962
C.R. - Contract Record , and its variant titles, including :
Canadian Contract Record [Toronto], pub. 1890-1908
Contract Record [Toronto], pub. 1908-1911
Contract Record & Engineering Review [Toronto], pub. 1912-1933
Engineering & Contract Record [Toronto], pub. 1933 to date
Const. - Construction: A Journal for the Architectural, Engineering and Contracting Interests of Canada [Toronto], pub. 1907-1934
demol.. - demolished
MPA - Manitoba Provincial Archives, Winnipeg, Man.
NAC - National Archives of Canada (formerly Public Archives of Canada) Ottawa, Ont.
NBPA - New Brunswick Provincial Archives, Fredericton, N.B.
OA - Ontario Archives, Toronto, Ont.
PAA - Provincial Archives of Alberta, Edmonton, Alta.
PANL - Public Archives of Newfoundland & Labrador, St. Johns, Nfld.
PANS Public Archives of Nova Scotia, Halifax, N.S.
PAPEI- Public Archives of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, P.E.I.
R.A.I.C. Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Ottawa, Ont.
R.I.B.A. Royal Institute of British Architects, London, England
SAB - Saskatchewan Archives Board, Regina, Sask.
t.c. - tender call, or a published advertisement requesting cost estimates from contractors