Peacock, Thomas Reid

PEACOCK, Thomas Reid (1866-1937) was one of the few English-trained architects who managed to maintain an evidently successful practise in Quebec City for more than twenty-five years. Born at Edinburgh, Scotland he served his architectural apprenticeship with G. Washington Browne of that city from 1885 until 1890. It was in this office that he met Stewart H. Capper and Cecil Burgess, both of whom were to later emigrate to Canada and settle in Montreal. Peacock worked as a draftsman for Peddie & Kinnear for two years and for Sir Rowand Anderson from 1893 until 1896. He joined the Glasgow firm of Thomson, Turnbull & Peacock in late 1896 and opened his own office in Glasgow in September 1905. Within a year he made a decision to leave Scotland after accepting a position as draftsman with George E. Tanguay in Quebec City. He arrived at Quebec in September 1906 and worked for Tanguay for four years, and as an assistant in the office of Rene P. Lemay before opening his own office in 1910. Peacock died in Quebec City on 10 November 1937 and was buried there at Mount Hermon Cemetery (obituary in the Gazette [Montreal], 12 Nov. 1937, 9; inf. from Royal Inst. of British Architects)

(works in Quebec City unless noted)

QUEBEC CURLING CLUB, Fraser Street, new club room, 1915 (Quebec City b.p. 1900, 3 Nov. 1915)
EMPIRE THEATRE, de la Fabrique Street, 1915 (Quebec City b.p. 1902, 4 Nov. 1915)
YOUNG WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION, Ste. Anne Street, 1916 (C.R., xxx, 3 May 1916, 48; Quebec City b.p. 2526, 13 June 1916)
JEFFREY HALE HOSPITAL, St. Cyrille Street, major addition, 1916; Nurse's Residence, 1931 (C.R., xxx, 28 June 1916, 43; xlv, 10 June 1931, 54)
MASSEY-HARRIS CO., St. Paul Street, warehouse, 1918 (Quebec City b.p. 4284, 6 Aug. 1918)
C.P.R. TICKET OFFICE, St. Pierre Street at St. Paul Street, 1919 (Quebec City b.p. 4572, 28 April 1919)
JOHN RITCHIE CO. LTD., Ste. Helene Street, warehouse, 1919 (Quebec City b.p. 4952, 18 Sept. 1919)
COURONNE STREET, at Fleury Street, garage for Frontenac Realty, 1920 (Quebec City b.p. 5118, 9 Jan. 1920)
CANADIAN MOTORS & MACHINE CO., St. Amable Street at Lachevrotiere Street, garage, 1920 (Quebec City b.p. 5346, 14 May 1920)
PARK AVENUE, residence for Thomas Byrne, 1920 (Quebec City b.p. 5712, 16 Nov. 1920)
QUEBEC HARBOUR COMMISSION BUILDING, Pointe-à-Carcy Wharf, c. 1920 (list of works in R.I.B.A. Application dated 18 Nov. 1920)
SAGUENAYVILLE, QUE., a 'garden city' planning scheme for the Price Brothers, for staff houses, a club and hospital, c. 1920 (list of works in R.I.B.A. Application dated 18 Nov. 1920)
BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA, St. Peter Street, extensive renovations to building, c. 1920 (dwgs. at the Bank of Nova Scotia Archives, Toronto)
GARRISON CLUB, St. Louis Street, major addition, 1921 (Quebec City b.p. 5807, 15 March 1921)
SEAMAN'S INSTITUTE, St. Andre Street, 1923 (Quebec City b.p. 8682, 25 Sept. 1923)
GRANDE ALLEE, residence for Remi Quirouet, 1923 (Quebec City b.p. 8549, 9 Aug. 1923)
ST. PETER'S ANGLICAN CHURCH, 12th Street near 2nd Avenue, 1924; Parish Hall, 13th Street at 2nd Avenue, 1928 (Quebec City b.p. 9606, 19 Aug. 1924; 2259, 26 June 1928)
VICTORIA CURLING CLUB, Laurier Avenue, club room, 1929 (Quebec City b.p. 3336, 18 July 1929)
ST. BRIDGET'S HOME, Grande Allee, addition for orphange, 1929 (C.R., xliii, 22 May 1929, 60, t.c.)
AVENUE DE BERNIERES, residence for Guy Hudon, 1930 (Quebec City b.p. 4240, 2 June 1930)
COLLINS STREET, reconstruction of building for Willis Pharmacy, 1933 (C.R., xlvii, 18 Oct. 1933, 34, t.c.)