Paull, Almond Edwin

PAULL, Almond Edwin (1823-1902) was born at St. Clement, Cornwall, England. No information can be found on his early career in that country, and it is uncertain why he chose to settle in Toronto and commence his architectural practice there in March of 1871. In early April 1877 he invited his son Herbert G. Paull to join in the partnership of Paull & Son, and he remained in business with him until March 1888 when both father and son opened separate offices in Toronto. His activity in the Methodist movement brought him several commissions for churches in the Toronto area, and his interest in the arts led to his election as an Associate in the Royal Canadian Academy in 1884. Paull Sr. was one of the founding members of the Ontario Association of Architects in 1890. He continued to list himself as an architect in classified city directory listings up until 1902, but virtually no references to his work can be found during this period, and it is likely that he had all but retired from active practise after 1890. He died in Toronto on 26 May 1902 (obituary in the Globe [Toronto], 30 May 1902, 12; Toronto Daily News, 30 May 1902, 7; biography in M. Bixby, Industries of Canada - Toronto, 1886, 147)


DUNDAS STREET METHODIST CHURCH, Dundas Street West at Ossington Avenue, 1875 (Mail [Toronto], 27 April 1875, 4, descrip.; T. Champion, Methodist Churches of Toronto, 1899, 241-2, descrip.)
BEVERLEY STREET, east side, south of D'Arcy Street, residence for Henry.S. Mara, 1876 (Globe [Toronto], 4 Dec. 1876, 3)
CHURCH STREET, near Gerrard Street East, residence for Dr. John Fulton, 1876, demol. (Globe [Toronto], 4 Dec. 1876, 3)
FIRE HALL NO. 14, Ossington Avenue near Bloor Street West, 1888-89 (Telegram [Toronto], 3 Nov. 1888, 8, t.c.; Toronto World, 15 Nov. 1889, 2, descrip.)


BATHURST STREET PUBLIC SCHOOL, Bathurst Street at College Street, major addition, 1878 (Globe [Toronto], 12 June 1878, 3, t.c.)
BEETON, ONT., Methodist Church, 1878 (Christian Guardian [Toronto], 3 July 1878, 215)
ST. MARK'S ANGLICAN CHURCH, Cowan Avenue, 1880 (Dominion Churchman [Toronto], 21 Oct. 1880, 498, descrip.; Evangelical Churchman [Toronto], 27 Jan. 1881, 601, descrip.)
BORDEN STREET PUBLIC SCHOOL, major addition and alterations, 1881 (Globe [Toronto], 4 June 1881, 11, t.c.)
(with Edmund James Sherwood, of London, England) SALVATION ARMY HEADQUARTERS & TEMPLE, Albert Street at James Street, 1885; demol. c. 1960 (Globe [Toronto], 4 March 1885, 2, t.c.; 19 Feb. 1886, 8, illus. & descrip.; Builder [London], Vol. 50, 29 May 1886, 797, descrip.)
ALNWICK TOWNSHIP, Northumberland Co., council hall and school house for the Mississauga Indians, c. 1885 (dwgs. at NAC, RG22M, 77803/11, Bundle 50)
SAUGEEN TOWNSHIP, Bruce Co., school house for Indian children, c. 1885 (dwgs. at NAC, RG22M, 77803/11, Bundle 50)
FIRSTBROOK BROTHERS, King Street East at Ontario Street, offices and factory, 1886 (Globe [Toronto], 1 July 1886, 7, t.c.)
WEST TORONTO JUNCTION, Methodist Church, Annette Street at High Park Avenue, 1887 (Telegram [Toronto], 26 Aug. 1887, 3, t.c.)
OSSINGTON FIRE HALL, Ossington Avenue near Bloor Street West, 1889; demol. 1972 (Toronto Daily Mail, 15 Nov. 1889, 6)