Shennan, David

SHENNAN, David (1880-1968) was born at Dumfries, Scotland on 17 January 1880 and began an architectural apprenticeship in April 1896 with John A. MacGregor, Architect of Castle Douglas, Scotland. In May 1899 he moved to Stirling, Scotland and entered the office of McLuckie & Walker where he was employed as junior assistant until late 1903. Shennan then moved to Perth, Scotland to work chief assistant to James Marshall and remained with him for two years before emigrating to Canada in early 1906. He settled in Montreal and in April of that year entered the office of Saxe & Archibald where he acted as chief assistant on commissions such as the Cavendish Apartments (1906), the residence of Shirley Ogilvie (1907) and the Technical High School (1909-10). After the dissolution of the office of Saxe & Archibald in 1915 Shennan went overseas and served with forces in WW1 and upon his return to Montreal he was made a partner in the office of John S. Archibald, remaining with him until 1933. During this period he was frequently called upon to design and supervise projects which Archibald was too busy to handle. These included the Bessborough Hotel, Saskatoon (1929-35), the Hotel Vancouver (1929-39), and the Gymnasium Building at Queen's University in Kingston (1929-30), a commission which was to lead to several later works by Shennan on that Ontario campus after 1950. Shennan was elected as Associate of the Royal Canadian Academy in 1948 and nominated as senior member in 1950. He died in Montreal on 27 May 1968 (death notice in the Gazette (Montreal), 29 May 1968, 50; biography in Col. W. Wood, The Storied Province of Quebec, 1931, iv, 495; R.I.B.A., Directory of British Architects 1834-1914, 2001, ii, 597-8; inf. from the Royal Canadian Academy, Toronto)

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(with E.M. Coleman) TOWN OF MOUNT ROYAL, a tract of 24 detached and semi-detached houses, Balfour Avenue, 1939 (Gazette [Montreal], 1 April 1939, 23, descrip.; 20 Jan. 1940, 19, illus. & descrip.; 9 March 1940, 21, descrip.)
(with E.M. Coleman) POINTE CLAIRE, QUE., residence for F.A. Bider, 1939-40 (Gazette [Montreal], 10 Nov. 1939, 23)
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WESTMOUNT, QUE., residence for M.A.R. Thompson, 1952 (Batiment, xxvii, May 1952, 3, 21-3, illus. & descrip.)
ST. COLUMBA ANGLICAN CHURCH, Hingston Avenue at Notre Dame de Grace Avenue, major addition to the church, 1953 (Gazette [Montreal[, 14 March 1953, 25; As It Happened: A History of the Parish of St. Columba, Montreal 1907-1982, 23-25; inf. Scott Edwards)
KINGSTON, ONT., Richardson Hall, on the campus of Queen's University, University Avenue, 1954 (inf. from Queen's University Archives, Kingston)