Scott, John

SCOTT, John (1850-1928), a well-known architect in Detroit, Michigan who practised there in partnership with his brother Arthur H. Scott from 1889 until after 1914. Born on 10 May 1850 at Ipswich, England, he was the son of the Detroit architect William Scott (1821-1889), and almost certainly trained in his father’s office from 1870 onward. By 1874 he had joined his father in a formal partnership of William Scott & Son, and from 1875 the firm was renamed William Scott & Co.

After the death of his father in 1889, John Scott opened a new office in partnership with his brother Arthur, and with Louis Kamper, as Scott, Kamper & Scott, Architects. The firm was renamed John Scott & Co. in 1891 and remained active until after 1920. Their best known work in Canada was the refined Beaux-Arts design for the Carnegie Library in Windsor, Ont. (1902-03), a commission won in an architectural competition. Scott retired in 1926 and later died in Rochester, Oakland Co., Michigan on 6 December 1928 (obit. Border Cities Star [Windsor], 8 Dec. 1928, Section Three, 4; biog. H. Withey, Biographical Dictionary of American Architects, 1956, 544; biog. and list of works in W. Hawkins Ferry, The Buildings of Detroit, 1968, 210-11).


WINDSOR, ONT., a rectory for All Saints Anglican Church, Park Street East at Goyeau Street, 1890 (Canadian Churchman [Toronto], xxiii, 6 May 1897, 278)


DETROIT, MICH., Wayne County Building, Randolph Street facing Cadillac Square, 1897-1902 (Kathryn Eckert, Buildings of Michigan, 1993, 73-4, illus.)
WINDSOR, ONT., Carnegie Library, Park Street West at Victoria Avenue, 1902-03; demol. c. 1965 (Evening Record [Windsor], 22 Jan. 1902, 8; 11 March 1902, 1, illus., plans and descrip.; Detroit Free Press, 12 March 1902, 10, illus. & descrip.; C.R., xiii, 25 June 1902, 2, t.c.; C.A.B., xv, June 1902, plate illus.; M. Beckman, The Best Gift, 1984, 31, 138, 185, illus.; Andrew Foot, Windsor Then & Now, 2021, 86-7, illus.)
WINDSOR, ONT., Windsor Volunteer Memorial Fountain, honouring veterans from the Boer War in South Africa, located in front of the Post Office Building, 1903-05 (London Free Press, 7 Oct. 1903, 10; C.R., xiv, 2 Dec. 1903, 2; Evening Record [Windsor], 28 Aug. 1905, 1)
WINDSOR, ONT., City Hall, Windsor Avenue, a conversion of the former Central School into a new City Hall, with addition of a clock tower, 1904 (Evening Record [Windsor], 22 Dec. 1904, 1, illus. & descrip.)
BOIS BLANC ISLAND, ONT., large amusement pavilion for the Detroit, Belle Isle & Windsor Ferry Co., 1905; large indoor Dance Pavilion, 1911-12 (Detroit Free Press, 10 Sept. 1905, 8, descrip.; Evening Record [Windsor], 1 Nov. 1911, 1, descrip.; 4 July 1913, 1)
DETROIT, MICH., residence for Arthur H. Buhl, Iroquois Avenue, 1909 (Kathryn Eckert, Buildings of Michigan, 1993, 111, illus.)