Moore, Robert E.

MOORE, Robert E. (1909-1995), partner in the Winnipeg firm of Moody & Moore, Architects, was born there on 8 December 1909 and enrolled in the School of Architecture at the University of Manitoba in 1926. After graduation in 1931 he trained there and was invited by Herbert H.G. Moody to form a partnership in 1936 (see list of works under Moody & Moore). Their firm became one of the two largest architectural firms active in Manitoba after WWII (the other large firm was the Number Ten Architectural Group). Moore served as President of the Manitoba Association of Architects in 1943. He later died in Florida on 10 December 1995 (death notice Winnipeg Free Press, 16 Dec. 1995, p. D 8). A photographic portrait of Moore appeared in the R.A.I.C. Journal, xxiv, Sept. 1947, 335 (biog. and port Who's Who in Canada, lii, 1964-65, 1225-6)