Dick, David Brash

DICK, David Brash (1846-1925)
(biography in preparation)

An extensive collection of architectural drawings prepared by David Dick between 1876 and 1901 can be found in the Horwood Collection at the Ontario Archives in Toronto.


(works in Toronto unless noted)

STRACHAN AVENUE, at Adelaide Street West, store and residence for John H. Meyers, 1877 (Horwood Coll. 147)
NORTH OF SCOTLAND CHAMBERS, King Street East near Victoria Street, for Pellat & Osler, 1877-78; demol. (Daily Mail [Toronto], 5 Nov. 1878, 4, descrip.; Horwood Coll. 149, 405)
HAMILTON, ONT., Buchanan Brothers, King Street East at Cathrine Street North, warehouses, 1878 (Globe [Toronto], 7 Oct. 1878, 1, t.c.; Horwood Coll., no Accession number)
HAMILTON, ONT., John Harvey & Co., Rebecca Street near James Street North, repairs and alterations to warehouse, 1878 (Globe [Toronto], 25 Oct. 1878, 1, t.c.)
CONSUMER'S GAS CO., Parliament Street near Front Street East, retort house, 1878; coal storage warehouse, 1883; and Front Street East at Berkeley Street, addition of sheds and stables,1893 (Horwood Coll. 140; 222)
RICHMOND STREET EAST, at Victoria Street, stores for J.E. Thompson, 1878; demol. (Horwood Coll. 154)
HAMILTON, ONT., Hamilton Provident & Loan Co., King Street East at Hughson Street, a 4 storey office building, 1879-80 (Spectator [Hamilton], 23 Oct. 1879, 4, descrip.; 11 May 1880, 2; Globe [Toronto], 31 May 1881, 3, detailed architectural descrip.; Horwood Coll. 151)
NEWCASTLE, ONT., reconstruction of the mills for the Newcastle Wool Manufacturing Co., 1880 (Globe [Toronto], 20 Sept. 1880, 7, t.c.)
QUEEN STREET WEST, near Cowan Avenue, store and shop for George Long, 1880 (Horwood Coll. 178)
WILLIAM P. HOWLAND & CO., Front Street West near Bay Street, two warehouses, 1882; burned 1904 (Horwood Coll. 213)
WILLIAM P. HOWLAND & CO., Church Street near Wellington Street East, two stores, 1882 (Toronto b.p. 138, 14 Sept. 1882)
COLLINGWOOD, ONT., Bank of Commerce, 1882 (Enterprise & Collingwood Messenger, 19 Jan. 1882, 3, t.c.; Horwood Coll. 202)
CONSUMER'S GAS CO., Toronto Street, major additions to office building, 1882; 1898 (Toronto b.p. 66, 21 April 1882; Toronto b.p. 7, 14 April 1899; E. Arthur, Toronto No Mean City, 1964, 172, illus.; Horwood Coll. 140)
WINNIPEG, MAN., J.F. Caldwell & Co., Main Street at McDermot Avenue, store, 1882 (Horwood Coll. 214)
SARNIA, ONT., Bank of Commerce, 1882 (Horwood Coll. 188)
QUEEN STREET WEST, stores for Edward O. Bickford, on the Gorevale property, 1882; 1887 (Horwood Coll. 211; 279)
GUELPH, ONT., Bank of Commerce, St. George's Square at Quebec Street, 1883-84; demol. 1967 (Horwood Coll. 216)
W.J. GAGE & CO., Front Street West near Bay Street, warehouse, 1883, demol. (Horwood Coll. 220)
SPADINA AVENUE, at College Street, commercial building and office for Dr. Peter H. Bryce, 1883; major extension, 1888 demol. (Horwood Coll. 224)
STANDARD BANK, Wellington Street West at Jordan Street, 1884; demol. (Horwood Coll. 231-233)
WILLARD TRACT DEPOSITORY, Yonge Street at Temperance Street, 1884; demol. (Horwood Coll. 236)
QUEBEC BANK, King Street East at Toronto Street, 1886 (Globe [Toronto], 15 May 1886, 6, illus. & descrip.; Horwood Coll. 259, 358)
WYLD, GRASETT & DARLING CO., Wellington Street West at Bay Street, warehouse, 1886; burned 1904 (Horwood Coll. 270)
WILLIAM DAVIES & CO., Queen Street West near Yonge Street, store, 1886; demol. (Horwood Coll. 271)
CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE, Queen Street West, Parkdale, 1887 (Horwood Coll. 275)
LONDON & CANADIAN LOAN CO., Bay Street north of King Street West, 1887; demol. c. 1939 (Horwood Coll. 276)
YONGE STREET, stores for J.E. Thompson, 1887; demol. (Horwood Coll. 283-85)
BANK OF HAMILTON, King Street West near Bay Street, 1888 (Horwood Coll. 286)
MONETARY TIMES BUILDING, a major addition to the Freehold Loan & Savings Buildings, Church Street at Court Street, 1888; demol. (Horwood Coll. 294; 320; 330)
ROBERT DARLING CO., Front Street West at Bay Street, warehouse, 1889; burned 1904 (Toronto World, 2 May 1889, 1; Horwood Coll. 303)
WILLIAM DAVIES & CO., Beachell Street, factory, 1890 (Horwood Coll. 319, 338, 346)
TRADER'S BANK BLOCK, Yonge Street at Colborne Street, for S.F. MacKinnon, 1889; demol. 1910 (Toronto World, 2 May 1889, 1; Globe [Toronto], 16 Dec. 1889, 8, descrip.; Horwood Coll. 297; 298)
WINGHAM, ONT., Bank of Hamilton, Josephine Street at Diagonal Road, 1891 (C.A.B., vi, July 1893, illus.; Horwood Coll. 326; L. Maitland, Queen Anne Revival Style in Canadian Architecture, 1990, 232, illus.)
CHATHAM, ONT., Standard Bank, 6th Street at King Street, 1894 (C.R., v, 22 March 1894, 1; Horwood Coll. 340)
PILKINGTON BROS., Mercer Street, warehouse, 1894 (Horwood Coll. 342)
BANK OF HAMILTON, Yonge Street north of Front Street West, major alterations to the Livingston Chambers Block, 1895; demol. (Horwood Coll. 351-53)
CROWN HOTEL, Bay Street near Melinda Street, for Charles Walker, 1897; demol. (Horwood Coll. 360)
NIPISSING HOTEL, King Street East at George Street, 1897; altered 1907 (Horwood Coll. 368)
WINNIPEG, MAN., Bank of Hamilton Building, Main Street at McDermot Avenue, 1898; addition 1901 (C.R., ix, 25 May 1898, 4; Horwood Coll. 379; 380)
SIMCOE, ONT., Bank of Hamilton and store for J.L. Campbell, Norfolk Street at Argyle Street, 1898 (C.R., ix, 16 March 1898, 1, t.c.; Horwood Coll. 378, 379a)
F. SIMPSON & CO., Yonge Street at Charles Street, store, 1898 (Horwood Coll. 376)
QUEEN'S HOTEL, Front Street West at York Street, major additions and improvements, 1899 (C.R., x, 17 May 1899, 5; Horwood Coll. 339, 356)
WILLIAM DAVIES & CO., Parliament Street, opposite Carleton Street, store, 1899-1900 (Toronto b.p. 95, 13 Dec. 1899)
WILLIAM DAVIES & CO., Dundas Street West at Brock Avenue, store, 1899 (Horwood Coll. 277, 393)
WILLIAM DAVIES & CO., Bloor Street West at Bathurst Street, store, 1900 (C.R., xi, 14 Feb. 1900, 3; Horwood Coll. 392)
WILLIAM DAVIES & CO., Eastern Avenue at Water Street, stables and sheds, 1900 (Horwood Coll. 277; 391)


PARKDALE MASONIC HALL, Queen Street West near Cowan Avenue, 1880, also called Society Hall, and leased to serve as the Parkdale Town Hall in 1881-85 (M. Laycock & B. Myrvold, Parkdale in Pictures, 1991, 49, with illus. on back cover showing drawing by David Dick; Horwood Coll. 184)
INFANTS HOME, St. Mary's Street at St. Nicholas Lane, 1881; with addition of a hospital, 1886; demol. (Mail [Toronto], 3 Oct. 1881, 8, descrip.; Globe [Toronto], 3 Oct. 1881, 9, descrip; Horwood Coll. 194; 263)
HORTICULTURAL GARDENS, Sherbourne Street at Gerrard Street, lodge for the grounds keeper, 1881; demol. (Horwood Coll. 142)
IMMIGRATION BUILDINGS, Strachan Avenue near Wellington Street West, 1881 (Horwood Coll. 189)
EXAMINING WAREHOUSE, for the Dept. of Public Works, Yonge Street at The Esplanade, major addition, 1882-83; demol c. 1918 (Globe [Toronto], 26 July 1883, 6, descrip.; Canada, Sessional Papers, 1885, Report of the Chief Architect, Appendix 2, 39, descrip.; J. Weir, Lost Craft of Ornamented Architecture: Canadian Architectural Drawings 1850-1930, 65-6, illus.; Horwood Coll. 146)
HAMILTON, ONT., Hamilton Club, Main Street East at James Street, 1882 (Horwood Coll. 212)
ROSE AVENUE PUBLIC SCHOOL, Rose Avenue near Howard Street, 1883; additions 1887 (Globe [Toronto], 13 Dec. 1883, 6, descrip.; Horwood Coll. 225; 228; 281; Toronto, Annual Report of the Inspector of Public Schools, 1884, Appendix, 3)
NIAGARA FALLS, ONT., Park Pavilion for McGaw & Winnett, 1885 (Horwood Coll. 257)
LITTLE YORK PUBLIC SCHOOL, Danforth Avenue at Dawes Road, 1885 (Telegram [Toronto], 10 Sept. 1885, 1, t.c.; Horwood Coll. 243)
ROLLER SKATING RINK, Sherbourne Street at Shuter Street, 1885; demol. (Horwood Coll. 247)
COLLEGE OF PHARMACY, Scott Street at Wellington Street, 1885; demol. (Horwood Coll. 246)
ST. ANDREW'S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Simcoe Street at King Street West, interior finishing and decoration, 1887; addition of third floor and mansard roof to Manse, 1894 (Mail [Toronto], 7 Sept. 1887, 10, descrip.; Horwood Coll. 348)
PRINCE ALBERT, SASK., Nisbet Academy, 1888; burned 1890 (R. Dunning, Century of Presbyterianism in Saskatchewan 1866-1966, 27; Horwood Coll. 278)
NEWS BOYS HOME, Frederick Street, additions, 1888 (Horwood Coll. 288)
ST. MARK'S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, King Street West at Tecumseth Street, new Sunday School, 1888 (J.R. Robertson, Landmarks of Toronto, iv, 1904, 282-83; Horwood Coll. 295)
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, Biological Building, west of Queen's Park Crescent, 1888-90; demol. c. 1950 (Toronto World, 21 March 1888, 2, descrip.; 6 July 1889, 2, descrip.; C.A.B., ii, Oct. 1889, illus.; dwgs. at University of Toronto Archives, B65, 120-133)
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, restoration of University College after the fire of February 1890, 1890-92 (Globe [Toronto], 23 April 1890, 4, descrip.; Toronto World, 13 Sept. 1890, 1, descrip.; Douglas S. Richardson, A Not Unsightly Building-University College and its History, 1990, 130-43, illus.; dwgs. at Univ. of Toronto Archives, B65, 158-193)
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, University Library, King's College Circle, 1891-92 (C.A.B., iv, Jan. 1891, 1; July 1891, illus. of early design; Toronto Daily Mail, 9 May 1891, 10, illus. & descrip.; The Globe [Toronto], 15 Dec. 1892, 4, descrip.; Const., xxiv, Nov. 1931, 353, illus.; E. Arthur, Toronto No Mean City, 1964, 194-5, illus.; dwgs. at Univ. of Toronto Archives, B65, 219-241; dwgs. at National Gallery of Canada, diploma work in the Royal Canadian Academy Coll.; Horwood Coll. 328)
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, Wycliffe College, Hoskin Avenue at Queen's Park Crescent, 1890-91 (Globe [Toronto], 5 Oct. 1891, 8, descrip.; Horwood Coll. 291; 318)
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, Gymnasium, 1892; demol. 1912 (dwgs. at Univ. of Toronto Archives, B65, 195-218)
ONTARIO VETERINARY COLLEGE, Temperance Street, 1890; demol. (Globe [Toronto], 3 Jan. 1891, 2, illus. & descrip.; Horwood Coll. 309)
YOUNG WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN GUILD, McGill Street, 1890-91; remodelled 1924 by Molesworth, West & Secord (Toronto Daily Mail, 25 Nov. 1890, 3, illus. & descrip.; Globe [Toronto], 22 Aug. 1891, 20, descrip.; Horwood Coll. 323)
THE HAVEN & PRISON GATE MISSION, Seaton Street south of Carleton Street, 1892 (Toronto Daily Mail, 19 May 1892, 6; Horwood Coll. 331, 332)
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, Chemical Laboratory Building, King's College Road, 1894-95; demol. c. 1950 (The Globe [Toronto], 2 Oct. 1895, 6, descrip.; dwgs. at Univ. of Toronto Archives, B65, 243-273)
ROYAL COLLEGE OF DENTAL SURGERY, College Street near Bay Street, 1895; addition 1902; demol. (Globe [Toronto], 3 Oct. 1896, 11, descrip.; C.R., xiii, 26 Feb. 1902, 1; Horwood Coll. 350; 399)
NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE, ONT., cottages on the grounds of the Queen's Royal Hotel, 1896 (C.R., vii, 9 April 1896, 2; Horwood Coll. 357)
GRAVENHURST, ONT., Muskoka Home for Consumptives, patients cottages, residence for the Superintendent, boat house, and cottage for Frank Bull, 1898 ; hospital 1900 (C.A.B., xv, Feb. 1902, 32, illus.; March 1902, 46-7; Horwood Coll. 361, 362, 377, 397)
WORKING BOY'S HOME, Gould Street at Church Street, an extension to 'Oakham House', the former residence of William Thomas, 1900 (Horwood Coll. 395)


SHERBOURNE STREET, north of Carlton Street, for John L. Brodie, 1877 (Horwood Coll. 150, 158)
SIMCOE, ONT., for D. Tisdale, 1877 (Horwood Coll. 144)
OWEN SOUND, ONT., for D.A. Creusor, 1877 (Horwood Coll. 143)
DUNDAS STREET WEST, near McCaul Street, pair of houses for John Laxton, 1877 (Horwood Coll. 148)
DUNN AVENUE, near King Street West, houses for W. Scott, 1878 (Horwood Coll. 158)
AVENUE ROAD, south of Davenport Road, for William Booth, 1878 (Horwood Coll. 159)
ISABELLA STREET, west of Sherbourne Street, for George Stanway, 1878 (Horwood Coll. 160)
ST. GEORGE STREET, near Bloor Street West, for John Turner, 1879 (Horwood Coll. 161)
SPADINA ROAD, at Austin Terrace, glass conservatory for 'Spadina', a mansion for James Austin, 1879 (Horwood Coll. 165)
JOHN STREET, near Front Street West, houses for G. Craig and Charles Rogers, 1879; demol. (Horwood Coll. 169)
BROCK STREET, at Wellington Place, for George Laidlaw, 1879 (Horwood Coll. 172)
KINGSTON ROAD, at Woodbine Avenue, residence for the architect, 1879 (Horwood Coll. 170)
GWYNNE STREET, near Bloor Street East, for George Dickson, 1880; demol. (Horwood Coll. 174)
MAY AVENUE, pair of houses for Edmund B. Osler, 1880; demol. (Horwood Coll. 175; 176)
HAMILTON, ONT., for Judge James S. Sinclair, Herkimer Street, 1881 (Horwood Coll. 186; 199)
BLOOR STREET WEST, near Bay Street, for W.S. Grant, 1880; demol. (Horwood Coll. 179)
SHERBOURNE STREET, near Gerrard Street, for Horace Thorne, 1880 (Horwood Coll. 181)
JAMESON AVENUE, for William P. Atkinson, 1880 (Horwood Coll. 180, 195)
HAYTER STREET, near Bay Street, for D.W. Thompson, 1880 (Horwood Coll. 183)
CHURCH STREET, near Gloucester Street, for Mr. Millichamp, c. 1880 (Horwood Coll. 166)
ST. GEORGE STREET, near Wilcox Street, for Thomas McCracken, 1881; demol. (Horwood Coll. 190)
PEMBROKE STREET, north of Shuter Street, for William Pearson, 1881 (Horwood Coll. 191)
NEWMARKET, ONT., for William Cane, 1881 (Globe [Toronto], 21 May 1881, 13, t.c.)
HAMILTON, ONT., for H.T. Bunbury, Park Street South at Herkimer Street, 1881 (Spectator [Hamilton], 16 Sept. 1881, 1, t.c.; Horwood Coll. 177)
WELLINGTON STREET WEST, near Portland Street, for J. Hamilton Kane, 1881 (Horwood Coll. 192; 209)
JARVIS STREET, at Gloucester Street, for Sir William Mulock, 1881 (Horwood Coll. 187, 198)
BLOOR STREET WEST, near Bellair Street, for William F. Carrier, 1881 (Horwood Coll. 197)
PORT HOPE, ONT., for A. Hugel, 1881, 1882 (Horwood Coll. 201)
GLEN EDYTH DRIVE, mansion for Samuel Nordheimer, additions, 1882; entrance lodge, 1884; mausoleum on the estate for the Nordheimer family, 1885 (C.A.B., i, April 1888, illus.; Horwood Coll. 207; 229; 245)
WINNIPEG, MAN., for Albert W. Austin, Carlton Street near York Avenue, 1882 (Horwood Coll. 210)
WELLESLEY STREET EAST,near Church Street, for William R. Bartlett, 1883 (Horwood Coll. 221; 223)
CHURCH STREET, at Isabella Street, for Henry G. Rutledge, 1883 (Horwood Coll. 225; 227)
HESPELER, ONT., for William Henderson, 1883 (Horwood Coll. 226)
KINGSTON ROAD, at Woodbine Avenue, for John S. Monahan, 1884 (Horwood Coll. 230, 241)
HUNTLEY STREET, at Linden Street, for Mrs. Jane Jardine, 1884 (Horwood Coll. 237)
WALMER ROAD, for W.A. Wilkes, 1884 (Horwood Coll. 238)
HUNTLEY STREET, north of Selby Street, pair of houses for William White, 1885 (Horwood Coll. 253)
TODMORDEN, EAST YORK, "Fernwood Place", a mansion for John F. Taylor, O'Connor Drive at Broadview Avenue, 1885; renovated and restored 2012-14 (Horwood Coll. 255)
RUSHOLME ROAD, for Clarence A. Denison, 1885 (Horwood Coll. 168)
SHERBOURNE STREET, north of Carlton Street, for Henry Pellatt, 1885-86 (Horwood Coll. 248)
LOWTHER AVENUE, pair of houses for Mrs. A.M. Patton, 1885 (Horwood Coll. 249)
BEVERLEY STREET, pair of houses for John I. Davidson and Robert Hay, 1885 (Horwood Coll. 251; 252)
NEWCASTLE, ONT., for J.K. Allen, 1886 (Horwood Coll. 265; 273)
BLOOR STREET WEST, at Walmer Road, for William J. Gage, 1886; demol. (Horwood Coll. 262)
WELLESLEY STREET EAST, near Church Street, for James E. Baillie, 1886 (Horwood Coll. 268)
ST. GEORGE STREET, north of Sussex Street, for William Davidson, 1886; demol. c. 1960 (Horwood Coll. 242)
ST. GEORGE STREET, near Harbord Street, for Prof. James Loudon, 1886; demol. c. 1953 (Horwood Coll. 260)
BRANTFORD, ONT., for Frank Cockshutt, Sheridan Street, 1886 (Horwood Coll. 272)
COLLEGE STREET, near Spadina Avenue, for Dr. Henry T. Machell, 1886 (Horwood Coll. 261; 262a)
ST. GEORGE STREET, opposite Russell Street, for John I. Davidson, 1887 (Horwood Coll. 285)
ST. GEORGE STREET, south of Russell Street, for Robert Hay, 1887; demol. c. 1960 (Horwood Coll. 282)
BELLWOODS AVENUE, north of Queen Street West, row of ten houses for Edward O. Bickford, 1887 (Horwood Coll. 274)
KINGSTON ROAD, near Main Street, residence and bakery for Frank Boston, 'at Ben Lamond', 1888 (Horwood Coll. 289)
ST. GEORGE STREET, at Bloor Street West, for Fred Wyld, 1888; demol. 1928 (Horwood Coll. 292, 302, 304)
QUEEN STREET WEST, near Bellwoods Avenue, residence for Edward O. Bickford, 1888 (Horwood Coll. 293)
ISABELLA STREET, near Yonge Street, for William Davies, 1888 (Horwood Coll. 277 )
WELLESLEY STREET EAST, near Yonge Street, for James E. Smith, 1889 (Horwood Coll. 307)
BEVERLEY STREET, at Baldwin Street, for Duncan Coulson, c. 1889 (Horwood Coll. 313)
ST. JOSEPH STREET, near Queen's Park Crescent, for Elmes Henderson, c. 1889 (Horwood Coll. 314)
ST. GEORGE STREET, opposite Russell Street, for John B. Kay, 1891 (C.R., ii, 1 Aug. 1891, 2, t.c.; Horwood Coll. 300)
ST. GEORGE STREET, near Bloor Street West, for Alexander McArthur, 1891 (C.A.B., vi, Sept. 1893, 93 and illus.; Horwood Coll. 296; 315)
BLOOR STREET WEST, at Spadina Road, for James Thorburn, 1891 (Horwood Coll. 325)
LOWTHER AVENUE, at Huron Street, for Newman W. Hoyles, 1892 (Horwood Coll. 334)
STONEY CREEK, ONT., for James Turnbull, 1893 (Horwood Coll. 335; 337)
DOVERCOURT ROAD, at Dewson Street, pair of houses for Robert Grant, 1894 (Toronto b.p. 1588, 13 April 1894; Horwood Coll. 345)
NORTH BAY, ONT., for A.G. Browning, McIntyre Street, 1895 (Horwood Coll. 354)
WELLINGTON PLACE, for Francis J. Gosling, 1896 (Horwood Coll. 355)
COLLEGE STREET, west of McCaul Street, pair of houses for Dr. J.A. Peters and Dr. D. Primrose, 1896 (Toronto b.p. 213, 18 June 1898; Horwood Coll. 374)
JARVIS STREET, south of Maitland Street, addition to residence for Edward F. Blake, 1897 (Horwood Coll. 370)
WALKER AVENUE, west of Yonge Street, pair of houses for Robert M. and Fred W. Gullett, 1897 (Toronto b.p. 23, 5 Aug. 1897; Horwood Coll. 371)
LAKE ROSSEAU, MUSKOKA, cottage on Fairview Island for William C. Crowther, 1898 (Horwood Coll. 375)
COLLEGE STREET, near University Avenue, for Dr. J.B. Wilmott, 1899 (C.R., x, 5 April 1899, 4; Horwood Coll. 381)
CRESCENT ROAD, near May Street, for McGaw & Winnett Co., 1899 (Toronto b.p. 5, 14 April 1899; Horwood Coll. 327)
SCARTH ROAD, near South Drive, for McGaw & Winnett Co., 1899 (Toronto b.p. 6, 14 April 1899; Horwood Coll. 327)
CRESCENT ROAD, near Cluny Drive, pair of houses for Thomas McGaw and Henry Winnett, 1899 (Horwood Coll. 382)
ST. GEORGE STREET, near Wilcox Street, for Archibald B. MacCallum, 1899 (Horwood Coll. 387)
CLINTON STREET, houses for J. Abbott, c. 1900 (Horwood Coll. 388)
DARCY STREET, for Samuel H. Thompson, 1900 (Horwood Coll. 390)
MUSKOKA, summer residence on Star Island in Lake Muskoka for Sir Casimir Gzowski, 1900 (Horwood Coll. 396; L. Lundell, Old Muskoka: Century Cottages & Summer Estates, 2003, 138-40, illus.)
McKENZIE CRESCENT, near Dovercourt Road, houses for Hugh Rose, c. 1900 (Horwood Coll. 401)


DOMINION BANK, Yonge Street at King Street, 1877. Dick was one of several architects invited to submit proposals for the new head office building for the bank, and his submission, signed 'Bona Fide', survives today (Horwood Coll., 150). The First Premium was awarded to William Irving.
HORTICULTURAL GARDENS, Gerrard Street at Sherbourne Street, 1877. Dick prepared two alternative designs for a Skating Rink and Concert Hall (Horwood Coll. 142), but his plans were set aside and the design for a Pavilion submitted by Langley, Langley & Burke was accepted.
WESTERN ASSURANCE CO., Wellington Street East at Scott Street, office block, 1878. D.B. Dick was one of at least 6 architects who submitted a design for this large commercial project. The drawings by Dick have survived, and are now held at the Ontario Archives, Toronto (OA, Horwood Coll. 153). The winner was Richard A. Waite of Buffalo, N.Y.
WEST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Denison Street, 1879, a Gothic Revival proposal which was passed over in favour of the design by Gordon & Helliwell. The drawings by D.B. Dick survive in the Horwood Collection, 164.
BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION, Toronto Street at Court Street, 1878. The design submitted by Dick, signed 'Bona Fide', was an eclectic Gothic Revival scheme which incorporated stepped gables and a corner tower, a theme that was to recur in several of his later commercial commissions. This design was not realised, and the project was awarded to Langley, Langley & Burke (Horwood Coll. 311; J. Weir, The Lost Craft of Ornamented Architecture: Canadian Architectural Drawings 1850-1930, 1983, 61, illus.).
HAMILTON, ONT., The Hamilton Club, Main Street East at James Street, 1882. D.B. Dick was one of four architects from Hamilton, Toronto and Buffalo, N.Y. who were invited to submit designs for the new home of the Hamilton Club. The eventual winner of the competition was Richard Waite (Mark Osbaldeston, Unbuilt Hamilton, 2016, 101-04, illus. & descrip.)
CONFEDERATION LIFE BUILDING, Yonge Street at Richmond Street East, 1889. The reserved Romanesque design by Dick was no match for the winning scheme submitted by Knox & Elliott, and his drawings were not placed among the four finalists (Horwood Coll. 305)