Fuller, Thomas

FULLER, Thomas (1823-1898)
(biography in preparation)

A new monograph on the work of Thomas Fuller, written by Dorothy Mindenhall, entitled "Thomas Fuller: Architect For A Nation" was published in 2015 by Lakehill Books of Victoria, B.C.. Citations are noted below, and a full list of works by Fuller appears in this book on pages 125-139.


ANTIGUA, BRITISH WEST INDIES, St. John's Anglican Church, 1845-48 (Builder [London], iii, 13 Dec. 1845, 603, descrip.; vii, 15 Dec. 1849, 594-95, illus. & descrip.; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 28-31, illus. & descrip.)


(works in England & Wales)

TAUNTON, SOMERSET, Unitarian Schools, 1847 (Builder [London], v, 12 June 1847, 277)
PLYMOUTH, DEVONSHIRE, Prison, 1847-49 (Builder [London], v, 16 Oct. 1847, 496; vii, 19 May 1849, 233, descrip.; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 32-34, illus. & descrip.)
LONDON, MIDDLESEX, British Lying-in Hospital, Endell Street, Longacre, 1848 (Builder [London], vi, 11 March 1848, 131; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 34-36, illus. & descrip.)
STONEHOUSE, DEVON, Mechanic's Institute, 1848; damaged during WWII and later demol. (Builder [London], vi, 27 May 1848, 262)
SWANSEA, WALES, Normal College for Wales, 1848-49, but not built (Builder [London], vi, 28 Oct. 1848, 526; vii, 16 June 1849, 281; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 40-41, illus. & descrip.)
LAMPETER, WALES, Llandovery College School, The Queensway at New Road, 1849-50 (Builder [London], vii, 10 March 1849, 117; viii, 5 Jan. 1850, 9, descrip.; with corrections and debate, 19 Jan. 1850, 32, 26 Jan. 1850, 41; 9 Feb. 1850, 61; 16 Feb. 1850, 82; J. Orbach, Victorian Architecture in Britain, 1988, 565; T. Lloyd et al, The Buildings of Wales: Carmerthenshire and Ceredigion, 2006, 258, descrip.; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 37-40, illus. & descrip.)
LLANDOVERY, WALES, St. Dingat Church, Lower Road, rebuilding, with addition and alterations, 1850 (T. Lloyd et al, The Buildings of Wales: Carmerthenshire and Ceredigion, 2006, 256)


(works in England & Wales)

BATHWICK, AVON, additions to Cumberland Villa, 1849 (R.I.B.A. Drawings Collection, London, RAN 25/A/20)
PEASEDOWN, SOMERSET, Red Post Inn, 1850-51 (R.I.B.A. Drawings Collection, London, RAN 25/B/19; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 43-44, illus.)
WESTON, SOMERSET, 'Cranwell House', for Jerom Murch, 1851 (D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 42-3, illus. & descrip.)
BATH, SOMERSET, Weston Waterworks Reservoir No. 1, 1851 (R.I.B.A. Drawings Collection, London, RAN 25/B/18)
DICHEAT, SOMERSET, 'Ringwell House', design for stables, with alternative design proposal, 1852 (R.I.B.A. Drawings Collection, London, PB 505/18)
CARMARTHEN, WALES, The Assembly Rooms, King Street, 1852; altered c. 1930 (D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 43-4, illus.)
CAERPHILLY, WALES, Wesleyan Chapel, now The Church of St. Mary & St. Mercurius, 1852 (D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 45-7, illus. & descrip.)
MERTHYR TYDFIL, WALES, Shiloh Welsh Wesleyan Chapel, 1853 (D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 45, illus.)
BIRMINGHAM, WARWICKSHIRE, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, on the Bristol Road at Benacre Street, 1853 (Builder [London], xi, 2 April 1853, 216)
LONDON, MIDDLESEX, Congregationalist Chapel, Camberwell Green, 1853, won in a competition (Builder [London], xi, 10 Dec. 1853, 742-3, illus. & descrip.)
LLANDDEWI VELFREY, WALES, 'Henllan', a residence for J.L.G. Poyer Lewis, 1854; demol. 1957 (T. Lloyd et al, The Buildings of Wales: Pembrokshire, 2004, 247; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 43, 45, illus.)


(works in England)

BRADFORD-ON-AVON, WILTS., Town Hall, Church Street, (now St. Thomas More Roman Catholic Church), 1855 (N. Pevsner, The Buildings of England: Wiltshire, 1963, 119; C. Cunningham, Victorian & Edwardian Town Halls, 1981, 65, 262-63; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 47-49, illus. & descrip.)
UPHILL, SOMERSET, new kitchen wing for the Castle, 1855 (R.I.B.A. Drawings Collection, London, RAN 25/A/4)
BRADFORD-ON-AVON, WILTS., public cemetery and Mortuary Chapel, Holt Road, 1855-56 (Builder [London], xiii, 10 Feb. 1855, 65-6; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 50-51, illus.)
BATH, SOMERSET, the winning design in competition for new cemetery at Bath, 1855; cemetery chapel at Smallcombe Vale, 1856 (Civil Engineer & Architect's Journal [London], xviii, March 1855, 102; J. Orbach, Victorian Architecture in Britain, 1988, 565; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 52-3, illus.)
BATH, SOMERSET, Christchurch Cottages, a pair of houses in Montpelier, Bath, 1856 (D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 53-4, illus.)
BATH, SOMERSET, Police Court, Station House, and Lock-up House, Upper Bristol Road, 1857 (D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 53, illus.)
BATH, SOMERSET, Stothert & Pitt Co., the Newark Works factory, Lower Bath Road, 1857 (George Measom, Official Illustrated Guide to the Great Western Railway, 1860, 798-804, illus. & descrip.; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 55-56, illus. & descrip.)


(works in Canada)

TORONTO, ONT., St. Stephen's-in-the-Fields Anglican Church, College Street at Bellevue Avenue, 1858; burned 1865; rebuilt (Canadian Ecclesiastical Gazette, vii, July 1858, 1; E. Arthur, Toronto No Mean City, 1964, 141, illus.; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 59-61, illus. & descrip.)
PORT CREDIT, ONT., Anglican Church, Hurontario Street, between Cooksville and Port Credit, 1858 (Globe [Toronto], 3 Sept. 1858, 3, t.c.)


PERTH, ONT., St. James Anglican Church, erected on foundations begun by William Thomas, 1858-61 (Canadian Ecclesiastical Gazette, 2 Dec. 1861, 179, descrip.; Canadian Church Magazine & Mission News, v, Oct. 1891, 223-24, illus.; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 62-3, illus. )
HAWKESBURY, ONT., Holy Trinity Anglican Church, addition and alterations, 1859-60 (Gazette [Montreal], 13 Jan. 1860, 2, descrip.; Ottawa Citizen, 31 Jan. 1860, 1, descrip.; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 64, illus.)
OTTAWA, ONT., Christ Church (Anglican), Sussex Street at Rideau Street, central school house for the congregation, 1860; demol. 1872 (Ottawa Citizen, 11 Aug. 1860, 2, t.c.)
OTTAWA, ONT., Parliament Buildings, Wellington Street, Centre Block, 1860-1864; Centre Block burned 1916; rebuilt by John A. Pearson and Jean O. Marchand (Montreal Transcript, 1 Sept. 1859, 2, descrip.; Ottawa Union, 1 Dec. 1863, 2, descrip.; Illustrated London News, xxxv, 5 Nov. 1859, 435, illus.; Building News [London], v, 25 Nov. 1859, 1062-63, illus. & descrip.; 23 Dec. 1859, 1151, illus.; Builder [London], 10 Dec. 1859, illus. & descrip.; Canadian Illustrated News (Montreal), ii, 26 Feb. 1870, 264-66, illus. & descrip.; Hand Book to the Parliamentary & Departmental Buildings, 1868, 12-16, descrip.; C.A.B., x, Jan. 1897, 5-7, illus. & descrip.; Const., ix, Feb. 1916, 52-55, illus. & descrip. of fire; Carolyn Young, The Glory of Ottawa: Canada's First Parliament Buildings, 1995, 29-43, 69-73, 78-90, 133-40, illus. & descrip.; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 68-75, illus. & descrip.)
OTTAWA, ONT., Parliamentary Library, Wellington Street, begun 1860; completed 1876; interiors by Frederick J. Alexander and John W.H. Watts (Free Press [Ottawa], 28 Oct. 1871, 2, descrip.; Ottawa Citizen, 2 June 1875, 1, descrip.; American Architect & Building News [New York], i, 17 June 1876, 197, illus. & descrip.; C.A.B., xii, March 1899, 55, illus. & descrip.; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 68-75, illus. & descrip.)
(with Robert Messer) LONDON, ONT., St. James Presbyterian Church, Richmond Street at Clarence Street, 1859-61; demol. 1964 (Globe [Toronto], 11 Aug. 1859, 3, t.c.; The Presbyterian [Montreal], xii, Oct. 1859, 148-50, descrip.; London Free Press, 25 Feb. 1861, 3, descrip.; dwgs. in Moore Coll., Univ. of Western Ontario; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 65, illus.)
(with Robert Messer) TORONTO, ONT., villa near Davenport Road at the head of Crookshank Lane, for an unidentified client, 1859 (Globe [Toronto], 11 Aug. 1859, 3, t.c.)
(with Robert Messer) STIRLING, ONT., St. John's Anglican Church, 1860-61 (Canadian Ecclesiastical Gazette, 2 Dec. 1861, 178-79, descrip.; St. John's Church 100th Anniversary, 1960)


(works in Canada and the United States)

PEMBROKE, ONT., Holy Trinity Anglican Church, 1863-64; demol. (Daily British Whig [Kingston], 18 Oct. 1870, 2)
KINGSTON, ONT., St. George's Anglican Cathedral, Synod Hall and Sunday School, 1865 (dwgs. in the possession of Richard Smith, Kingston; dwg. at NAC, Power Collection)
NEPEAN, ONT., All Saints Anglican Church, Richmond Road, 1865 (Canadian Churchman [Kingston], 28 June 1865, 2, descrip.; Rev. E.S. Reed, Century of Worship-All Saints Church, Westboro 1865-1965; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 64, illus.)
HULL, QUE., St. James Anglican Church, 1866-67; burned 1900 (Ottawa Citizen, 26 Oct. 1866, 2; The Times [Ottawa], 4 March 1867, 2, t.c.; E. May, History of the Parish of Hull, 1923, 21, 24, illus.)
OTTAWA, ONT., St. Alban's Anglican Church, Daly Street at King Street, 1867; completed 1875 by King M. Arnoldi (Ottawa Citizen, 21 July 1866, 2, descrip.; A. Davidson, Annals of the Parish of St. Alban the Martyr, Ottawa, 1942, 8-9; Ottawa: A Guide to Heritage Structures, 2000, 108, illus.; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 67, illus.)
QUEBEC CITY, QUE., large residence for Thomas McGreevy, D'Auteui Street, 1867 (Christina Cameron & Monique Trepanier, Vieux Quebec son Architecture Interieure, Parks Canada, 1986, 67-70, illus., but lacking attribution; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 75-6, illus. & descrip.)
(with Augustus Laver) ALBANY, N.Y., New York State Capitol Buildings, State Street, 1867-74; completed 1876-86 by H. H. Richardson (Building News [London], xx, 7 Jan. 1870, 6, 8-9, illus. & descrip.; Builder [London], xxviii, 28 May 1870, 425-27, 446, illus. & descrip.; American Architect & Building News [New York], i, 15 April 1876, illus.; dwgs. at NAC, National Map Collection, 83403/35; Picture Coll., C104 610; J.K. Ochsner, H.H. Richardson Complete Architectural Works, 1982, 157-67, illus.; Diana S. Waite, Albany Architecture, 1993, 68-9, illus. & descrip.; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 77-86, illus. & descrip.)
(with Nichols & Brown) ITHACA, N.Y., mansion for Ezra Cornell, on the campus of Cornell University, 1867; completed 1875 (Kermit C. Parsons, The Cornell Campus, 1968, 6-8, illus. & descrip.; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 86-7, illus. & descrip.)
(with Augustus Laver) ALBANY, N.Y., St. Agnes School, 1871; burned 1945 (G.E. DeMille, Pioneer Cathedral: A Brief History of the Cathedral of All Saints, 1967; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 90-1, illus.)
(with Augustus Laver) SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF., City Hall & Law Courts Building, 1871-94; partially destroyed in the earthquake of 1906 and later demolished (Builder [London], xxix, 22 April 1871, 304, 307, illus. & descrip.; The Architect [London], v, 3 June 1871, 288, illus. and descrip.; Harper's Weekly (New York), 30 March 1872, 245, illus.; H. Kirker, California's Architectural Frontier, 1973, 97-98; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 87-88, illus.)
MONTREAL, QUE., St. John The Evangelist Anglican Church, President Kennedy Ave. at St. Urbaine Street, chancel, clerestories and brick walls on north & south aisles, 1877-78 (Church of St. John The Evangelist 1878-1928, 45; Montreal, Les Eglises, 1981, 270, illus.; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 90-91, illus.)
CALDWELL, N.Y., rectory for St. James Anglican Church, 1879 (H.P. Smith, History of Warren County, 1885, 572)
CARRYING PLACE, ONT., St. John's Anglican Church, 1885-86 (Dominion Churchman [Toronto], 5 Nov. 1885, 695; 16 Sept. 1886, 568, descrip.)


(entries for projects in the United Kingdom and North America)

NEWPORT, ISLE OF WIGHT, St. Thomas Church, 1849. The firm of Fuller & Gingell was one of 30 architects who submitted designs for this project. The jury selected six entries which were designated as finalists including the entry from Fuller & Gingell, but S.W. Daukes of Cheltenham was later declared as the winner (Builder [London], vii, 29 Dec. 1849, 617)
BRISTOL, ENGLAND, Bristol General Hospital, 1852. The office of Fuller & Wilson of Bath was one of 23 firms who submitted proposals for this large institutional project (Builder [London], x, 2 Oct. 1852, 624), and the design likely came from the hand of Fuller, not Wilson. The Bath architect W.B. Gingell, who was formerly a partner with Fuller, and now working independently, was declared the winner.
KINGSTON-ON-THAMES, SURREY, Cambridge Military Asylum, Norbiton Park, 1852. The firm of Wilson & Fuller of London submitted an entry, but their scheme was set aside in favour of the winning design by Thomas Allom (Builder [London], x, 6 March 1852, 156; 8 May 1852, 289)
OTTAWA, ONT., Government House, a residence for the Governor General, 1859. As part of the competition for new Government buildings at Parliament Hill, Fuller & Jones submitted an imposing classical design for this palatial residence. Their proposal, among the 10 entries, was awarded Second Prize. A perspective view of their design was reproduced in Carolyn Young, The Glory of Ottawa: Canada's First Parliament Buildings, 1995, 65, illus. The winning design by Cumberland & Storm of Toronto was never built.
SIMCOE, ONT., Norfolk County Court House, 1863. Fuller & Jones of Ottawa were one of 12 firms that submitted designs for this county Court House (Brant Expositor [Brantford], 5 June 1863, 3, report on the competition). Their proposal was passed over in favour of the winning scheme by John Turner of Brantford.
PHILADELPHIA, PENN., City Hall, Broad Street at Market Street, 1869. Ten architectural firms submitted drawings for this major American building, including one from the San Francisco office of Fuller & Laver, who collaborated with the Philadelphia architect Henry Sims. Their design was awarded Third Prize of $1,000, with John McArthur Jr. later selected as the winner (Evening Telegraph [Philadelphia], 13 Sept. 1869, 8, list of competitors; 28 Sept. 1869, 3, announcement of prizes)
HARTFORD, CONN., State Capitol Building, 1871. The San Francisco firm of Fuller & Laver were one of five architects invited to submit designs for the new State Capitol. Their drawings failed to arrive on the deadline of 1 January 1872 due to a snowstorm in Rocky Mountains. All five submissions were later rejected, but each architect, including the firm of Fuller & Laver, was given a sum of $1,000 for their trouble. A new competition was called in early 1872 with eleven entrants but, for unexplained reasons, Fuller & Laver were excluded from the invitation list for this second round (Henry-Russell Hitchcock & William Seale, Temples of Democracy: The State Capitols of the U.S.A., 1976, 159-64, illus.). The commission was eventually awarded to Richard Upjohn of New York City.

Post Office Buildings in Canada

(inf. extracted from Canada, Sessional Papers, 1881 to 1898, and from NAC, RG 11, which contains detailed architectural specifications for each building noted below. Drawings for virtually all Post Office buildings designed by Fuller during his tenure as Chief Architect of the Department of Public Works are now held at the National Archives of Canada, Ottawa)

1882 (arranged alphabetically by province)

NANAIMO, B.C., Front Street, 1882-83; demol. 1954
SUSSEX, N.B., Main Street, 1882-84 (dwgs. at PANB, Mott Coll., MC 164, folio 362)
BROCKVILLE, ONT., Court Street, 1882-86 (D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 98-9, illus.)
CHATHAM, ONT., King Street at Fourth Street, 1882-84; demol.
CORNWALL, ONT., Pitt Street at Second Street, 1882-85; demol.
HAMILTON, ONT., King Street at John Street, 1882-87; demol. (Weekly Spectator [Hamilton], 27 July 1882, 5, descrip.
ST. THOMAS, ONT., Talbot Street, 1882-85; demol. (St. Thomas Times, 16 May 1882, 3, descrip.)

1883 (arranged alphabetically by province)

WINNIPEG, MAN., Main Street at McDermot Street, 1883-86; demol. (Winnipeg Times, 7 March 1885, 1, illus. & descrip.; Manitoba Free Press [Winnipeg], 7 July 1886, 4, descrip., but lacking attribution)
CARLETON, N.B., Union Street, 1883-85; demol.
MONCTON, N.B., Main Street at Telegraph Street, 1883-84; demol.
WOODSTOCK, N.B., Regent Street at Main Street, 1883-84; demol.
TRURO, N.S., Prince Street, 1883-85 (Morning Chronicle [Halifax], 8 July 1884, descrip.; E. Pacey & A. Comiter, Landmarks: Historic Buildings of Nova Scotia, 1994, 100-01, illus.)
WINDSOR, N.S., Gerrish Street, 1883-85; burned 1897; rebuilt; demol.
AMHERSTBURG, ONT., Dalhousie Street at Richmond Street, 1883-84; demol.
BERLIN [Kitchener], ONT., King Street, 1883-86; demol. 1964
CLIFTON [Niagara Falls], ONT., Clifton Avenue at Park Street, 1883-84; demol.
PORT HOPE, ONT., Queen Street, 1883-86; demol. (Port Hope Weekly Guide, 31 Aug. 1883, 6, descrip.)
STRATFORD, ONT., Ontario Street at Waterloo Street, 1883-84; tower and third floor addition, 1893; demol. 1961
SUMMERSIDE, P.E.I., Fitzroy Street at Tanner Street, 1883-87
TROIS RIVIERES, QUE., Notre Dame Street, 1883-85; demol.

1884 (arranged alphabetically by province)

BATHURST, N.B., Water Street at Douglas Street, 1884-87 (D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 108, illus.)
NEW GLASGOW, N.S., Dalhousie Street at Provost Street, 1884-85 ((E. Pacey & A. Comiter, Landmarks: Historic Buildings of Nova Scotia, 1994, 98-100, illus.)
AMHERST, N.S., Victoria Street, 1884-86 (E. Pacey & A. Comiter, Landmarks: Historic Buildings of Nova Scotia, 1994, 102-03, illus.)
GALT, ONT., Water Street, 1884-86 (D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 104-05, illus.)
ORANGEVILLE, ONT., Broadway, 1884-86; demol.
SOREL, QUE., Prince Street at George Street, 1884-86; demol.

1885 (arranged alphabetically by province)

NEWCASTLE, N.B., Water Street at Henry Street, 1885-86; demol.
ST. STEPHEN, N.B., Water Street, 1885-87
ARICHAT, N.S., Main Street at Lower Water Street, 1885-86; demol.
BADDECK, N.S., Main Street at Campbell Street, 1885-87 ((E. Pacey & A. Comiter, Landmarks: Historic Buildings of Nova Scotia, 1994, 102-03, illus.; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 100-01, illus.)
NORTH SYDNEY, N.S., Water Street, 1885-86; demol.
YARMOUTH, N.S., Main Street at John Street, 1885-86; demol.
CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I., Richmond Street at Market Street, 1885, demol.
MONTAGUE, P.E.I., Main Street South, 1885-87 (D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 107, illus.)
REGINA, SASK., Victoria Square, 1885-86; demol.

1886 (arranged alphabetically by province)

PETERBOROUGH, ONT., Hunter Street at Water Street, 1886-87; demol.
HULL, QUE., Principale Street, 1886-87; burned 1900; rebuilt; demol. 1959

1887 (arranged alphabetically by province)

CAYUGA, ONT., King Street, 1887-89
GANANOQUE, ONT., Pine Street at Stone Street, 1887-8
TRENTON, ONT., Dundas Street West, 1887-90; tower still standing

1888 (arranged alphabetically by province)

DALHOUSIE, N.B., William Street, 1888-89; demol.
SYDNEY, N.S., Charlotte Street at Dorchester Street, 1888-89; demol.
BRAMPTON, ONT., Queen Street East, 1888-9
LINDSAY, ONT., Kent Street, 1888-89; demol.
NAPANEE, ONT., John Street, 1888-90
PEMBROKE, ONT., Pembroke Street East, 1888-90
PRESCOTT, ONT., South King Street, 1888-89; demol.
AYLMER, QUE., Main Street, 1888-89; demol.
COATICOOK, QUE., Main Street, 1888-90 (D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 106, illus.)
JOLIETTE, QUE., Notre Dame Street, 1888-89; demol.
ST. JEROME, QUE., Main Street, 1888-89; demol.

1889 (arranged alphabetically by province)

BRANDON, MAN., Rosser Avenue, 1889-90; demol. c. 1975
ANNAPOLIS, N.S., St. George Street, 1889-90; burned 1920; rebuilt
ALMONTE, ONT., Mill Street, 1889-90 (D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 103, illus.)
STRATHROY, ONT., Frank Street, 1889-91 (D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 102-03, illus.; dwgs. in Moore Coll., Univ. of Western Ontario)
LACHINE, QUE., St. Joseph Street, 1889-90

1890 (arranged alphabetically by province)

VANCOUVER, B.C., Pender Street at Granville Street, 1890-92; demol. 1926
CARLETON PLACE, ONT., Bridge Street, 1890-91
GODERICH, ONT., West Street, 1890-91 (dwgs. in Moore Coll., Univ. of Western Ontario)
WALKERTON, ONT., Durham Street, 1890-91; demol.
RIVIERE DU LOUP, QUE., Iberville Street at Champlain Street, 1890; demol.
ST. HENRI, QUE., Notre Dame Street, 1890-91; demol.
ST. HYACINTHE, QUE., Girouard Street West, 1890-91

1891 (arranged alphabetically by province)

PETROLIA, ONT., Petrolia Street, 1891-93
LAPRAIRIE, QUE., 1891-92

1892 (arranged alphabetically by province)

CHATHAM, N.B., Water Street, 1892-93
LUNENBURG, N.S., Lincoln Street at King Street, 1892-93; demol.
ORILLIA, ONT., Peter Street, 1892-94
PORT ARTHUR, ONT., Court Street at Arthur Street, 1892-93; demol.

1893 (arranged alphabetically by province)

CALGARY, ALTA., Eighth Avenue at First Street East, 1893-95; demol. c. 1929
LETHBRIDGE, ALTA., Baroness Street at Coutts Street, 1893-94; demol.
DARTMOUTH, N.S., Water Street at Portland Street, 1893-94; demol.
SMITHS FALLS, ONT., Russell Street East, 1893-94
WEST FARNHAM, QUE., Depot Street, 1893-94; demol.

1894 (arranged alphabetically by province)

PICTOU, N.S., Water Street, 1894-95 (E. Pacey & A. Comiter, Landmarks: Historic Buildings of Nova Scotia, 1994, 102-04, illus)

1895 (arranged alphabetically by province)

VICTORIA, B.C., Government Street at Wharf Street, 1895-97; demol. 1955 (Daily Colonist [Victoria], 27 July 1894, 8, descrip.; C.A.B., ix, July 1896, 110, illus. & descrip.; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 106, illus.)
RICHMOND, QUE., Main Street, 1895-96; demol.
RIMOUSKI, QUE., College Street, 1895-97

1896 (arranged alphabetically by province)

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, MAN., Saskatchewan Avenue West, 1896-98
ARNPRIOR, ONT., Madawaska Street at John Street, 1896-98

Other Public Buildings

(inf. extracted from Canada, Sessional Papers, 1881 to 1898, and from NAC, RG11, which contains detailed architectural specifications for most buildings noted below. Drawings for many of the public buildings designed by Fuller during his tenure as Chief Architect of the Department of Public Works are now held at the National Archives of Canada, Ottawa)

CHICOUTIMI, QUE., Marine Hospital, 1882-88
HAMILTON, ONT., Immigration Building, Stuart Street West near Tiffany Street, opposite the G.W.R. Station, 1883
QUEBEC CITY, QUE., Examining Warehouse, at rear of Custom House, 1883-85
OTTAWA, ONT., Langevin Block, Wellington Street at Elgin Street, 1883-88 (Ottawa Citizen, 2 June 1888, 3, descrip.; C.A.B., ii, June 1889, 64, illus.; H. Kalman, History of Canadian Architecture, 1994, 546-7, illus. & descrip.; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 97, illus.). Fuller prepared at least five alternate designs for this government office building, one in a Romanesque Revival style, one in the Second Empire style, and another in a Renaissance Revival style. These perspective drawings have survived and are now held in the Picture Collection of the National Library of Canada (C 104543 to C 104546).
ST. VINCENT DE PAUL, QUE., Dining Hall at the Penitentiary, 1883-84
GANANOQUE, ONT., Custom House, Main Street at River Street, 1883
PORT ARTHUR, ONT., Immigration Building, 1883-8
SARNIA, ONT., Immigration Building, 1883-84
SYDNEY, N.S., Quarantine Station, Superintendent's House, Hospitals, 1883-84
HIGH RIVER, ALTA., Industrial School, 1884
STONY MOUNTAIN, MAN., guard's cottages, 1884; demol.; slaughterhouse, lumber drying house, and glass conservatory for the warden's residence, 1885; all demol. ; guard's tenement, 1886; demol.; new Warden's residence and outbuildings, 1886-87; demol.; two chapels and a Hospital at the Penitentiary, 1887; all demol.; Surgeon's Residence and Chaplain's Residences, 1889; demol.
QU'APPELLE, SASK., Industrial School, 1884
NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C., Hospital at the Penitentiary, 1884
PRINCE ALBERT, SASK., Court House & Jail, 1884-87
PICTOU, N.S., Marine Hospital, 1884
CALGARY, ALTA., Immigration Building, 1884
MEDICINE HAT, ALTA, Immigration Building, 1884
REGINA, SASK., Dominion Jail & Lunatic Asylum, 1885 (dwgs. at SAB, Regina, P6.2)
ALBERT HEAD, B.C., Quarantine Station, 1885; demol.
MONTREAL, QUE., Armoury & Drill Hall, Constant Street at German Street, 1885
PETERBOROUGH, ONT., Customs & Inland Revenue Office, George Street at Charlotte Street, 1886
QUEBEC CITY, QUE., Immigration Building, St. Louis Embankment, 1886
OTTAWA, ONT., Government Printing Bureau, St. Patrick Street near Sussex Drive, 1887-89; demol.
KINGSTON, ONT., Hospital at Royal Military College, 1887
OTTAWA, ONT., Examining Warehouse, Sparks Street adjacent to Sappers Bridge, 1887
(with local supervisor C. Balston Kenway) LETHBRIDGE, ALTA., Barracks, Residences, Shops and Guard House for the Royal Northwest Mounted Police, 1887 (Manitoba Daily Free Press [Winnipeg], 24 Sept. 1887, 4, descrip.)
REGINA, SASK., Barracks, Commissioner's Residence and Hospital for the North West Mounted Police, near Dewdney Avenue, 1887
(with George W. Stewart, Winnipeg) REGINA, SASK., Riding School & Drill Hall for the North West Mounted Police, Dewdney Avenue near Bonner Drive, 1886; burned Nov. 1887 and rebuilt in 1888-89 using the same plans (Manitoba Daily Free Press [Winnipeg], 1 June 1886, 4, descrip.; D. Sheehan & R. Oosten, Beyond The Badge: History of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police "Depot" Division, 2006, 147-48, illlus., but lacking attribution)
CALGARY, ALTA., Barracks and Hospital for the Royal Northwest Mounted Police, 1887
BATTLEFORD, SASK., Barracks, Hospital & Mess Hall for the Royal Northwest Mounted Police, 1887
OTTAWA, ONT., Experimental Farm, Prince of Wales Drive, new Museum, laboratories, barn, stables, and Staff Residences, 1887-8 (D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 110, illus.)
PRINCE ALBERT, SASK., Barracks, Mess Hall, Officers Quarters and Store for the Royal Northwest Mounted Police, 1888
CALGARY, ALTA., Court House, 1888-89; demol. 1958 (Calgary Daily Herald, 5 Nov. 1890, 4, descrip.)
ST. PAUL'S, MAN., Industrial School, 1889
INDIAN HEAD, SASK., Experimental Farm, including Superintendents Residence, worker's cottages, barn and stables, 1889
NAPPAN, N.S., Experimental Farm, including Superintendent's Residence, workmens cottages, barn and stables, 1889
KAMLOOPS, B.C., Indian Industrial School Buildings, 1889
KUPER ISLAND, B.C., Indian Industrial School Building, 1889; demol.
REGINA, SASK., Lieutenant Governor's Residence, 1889-90 (Sask. Assoc. of Architects, Historic Architecture of Saskatchewan, 1986, 78-9, illus.; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 110, illus. )
OTTAWA, ONT., Supreme Court, Bank Street, addition, 1890-91; demol.
VICTORIA, B.C., Barracks at 'C' Battery, 1890; dismantled
WINNIPEG, MAN., Immigration Building, 1890
REGINA, SASK., Territorial Administration Building, 1890 (Sask. Assoc. of Architects, Historic Architecture of Saskatchewan, 1986, 12, illus.)
PETERBOROUGH, ONT., Custom House, Charlotte Street at George Street, 1890-91; demol.
MOOSOMIN, SASK., Court House, 1890
AGASSIZ, B.C., Superintendent's Residence at the Experimental Farm, 1891
RED DEER, ALTA., Industrial School, 1891
REGINA, SASK., Land and Registration Office , 1891-92 (dwgs. at SAB, Regina)
TORONTO, ONT., Drill Hall, University Avenue at Armoury Street, 1891-93; demol. 1963 (W. Dendy, Lost Toronto, 1978, 138-39; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 112, illus.)
EDMONTON, ALTA., Land Registration & Crown Timber Office, Victoria Street, 1892-93
PRINCE ALBERT, SASK., Land and Registration Office, Second Street, 1892-93
MOOSE JAW, SASK., Court House and Police Quarters, 1892-93
CHICAGO, ILL., Canadian Exhibition Buildings at the World's Fair, 1893; demol. (Ottawa Citizen, 13 July 1892, 8, descrip.; C.R., iii, 23 July 1892, 2; Vancouver Daily World, 20 May 1893, 5, descrip.; D. Mindenhall, Thomas Fuller, 2015, 113, illus.)
GROSSE ISLE, QUE., Quarantine Station and Medical Officers residence, 1893
HALIFAX, N.S., Lawlor's Island, Quarantine Station, 1893
BRANDON, MAN., Industrial School, 1893
BRANTFORD, ONT., Armoury & Drill Hall, 1893
REGINA, SASK., Court House, Victoria Street at South Street, 1893-94 (M. Carter, Early Canadian Court Houses, 1983, 134-35, illus.)
WOLSELEY, SASK., Court House, Ouimet Street at Richmond Street, 1894
OTTAWA, ONT., Rideau Hall, new Dairy Building (C.R., v, 18 Oct. 1894, 2)
TRACADIE, N.B., Lazaretto (Hospital) Building, 1894-95; burned (dwgs. at NBA, Fredericton)
HALIFAX, N.S., Drill Hall, North Park Street at Cunard Street, 1895-98 (C.A.B.., x, Feb. 1897, illus.; Halifax Herald, 13 Aug. 1898, 2, illus. & descrip.)
HALIFAX, N.S., Immigration Building at the Deep Water Terminus, 1896
ALEXANDRIA, ONT., Reformatory Building, 1896