Piche, Alphonse

PICHE, Alphonse (1874-1938) was born in Montreal, Que. on 18 January 1874, son of Alexis Piche, a building contractor. He was educated at schools there, and articled with W. McLea Walbank from 1893 to 1901. He joined the Province of Quebec Association of Architects on 9 August 1898, and after opening his own office in 1901 he succeeded in obtaining several important commissions for institutional and commercial projects. These included a substantial ten storey fireproof office block for Mark Fisher & Sons, Victoria Square (1906), the design of which he virtually copied ten years later when he drew plans for a similar block for the Montreal Land Investment Co. on St. Laurent Blvd. (1917). The largest commission which he completed during his career was the dull and bleak Beaux-Arts design for Jean de Breboeuf College (1928). Piche was a competent though conservative architect, and his designs are orthodox products of the time. Not a single work stands out as being innovative or progressive. He adhered to the formalism of late 19th C. French planning, clearly evident in his renderings of the ambitious master plan for the Grey Nun's Orphanage campus in west end Montreal. An illustrated bird's eye perspective of his proposal appeared in 1912 (C.R., xxvi, 4 Dec. 1912, 47, illus. & descrip.) but only two buildings from master plan appear to have been built during the following decade.

Ironically, the most significant work which Piche is associated with is not a building, but rather a steel tower situated on Mount Royal. Built in the shape of a Holy Cross, this 100 foot high structure was designed in 1924 and commissioned by the St. Jean Baptiste Society of Montreal to mark St. Jean Baptiste Day on 24 June 1924. The Cross still dominates the skyline of downtown Montreal, and has become a distinctive landmark and potent symbol for the City. It was finally lit with electric lights on 24 December 1924, and is visible from a distance of nearly 80 kilometres to the south and east. A full description of the design by Piche for this tower was published in several Montreal newspapers, and republished in the Hartford Courant [Hartford, Conn.] on 28 March 1924, 14, descrip.

Piche died in Montreal on 10 November 1938 (death notice La Presse [Montreal], 10 Nov. 1938, 35; biog. and port. Who's Who and Why in Canada, 1925-26, 333; Biographies Canadiennes Francaises, v, 1925, 140). A photographic portrait of Piche can be found in the Board of Trade Illustrated Edition of Montreal, 1909, 105.


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